Group Hiking

On August 12th the Broekmann and the Arenz groups went for a hiking tour to the Bernese Oberland. The biggest attractions were the swimming activities in the alpine lake Oberstockensee and anoramic view of the Alps at the top of the Stockhorn. A particular highlight of the excursion was the 30 minutes downhill trip back into the valley with scooter bikes (“Trotti-bikes”).

New Paper Published

I. Z. Montiel, A. Dutta, K. Kiran, A. Rieder, A. Iarchuk, S. Vesztergom, M. Mirolo, I. Martens, J. Drnec, P. Broekmann
CO2 Conversion at High Current Densities: Stabilization of Bi(III)-Containing Electrocatalysts under CO2 Gas Flow Conditions
ACS Catal. 2022, 12, 10872−10886DOI

New Group Member

Levi Widmer started his apprenticeship as Lab Technician in the Interfacial Electrochemistry Group.

Welcome Levi!