New ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer) for highly accurate elemental analysis installed.

The instrument (NexION 2000, Perkin Elmer) is currently in the testing phase. Routine measurements will be carried out from November 2019 on.

Dr. Vitali Grozovski (scientist in charge) at the NexION 2000.

Nano-(electro)chemistry day

Nano-(electro)chemistry day at the high-school Lerbermatt in Köniz (https://www.lerbermatt.ch/home/).

The Interfacial Electrochemistry group at the DCB supported this event by carrying out experiments related to the synthesis of nanoparticles, the electrodeposition of metal foams and the electrochemical screeening of plating additives used for the advanced metallization of interconnect features in integrated circuits.

Poster Prize

Alena Cedeño López was awarded with the Poster Prize at the 28th ATC 2019: Industrial Inorganic Chemistry – Materials and Processes (Frankfurt am Main), organized by DECHEMA.
Her poster presentation was entitled:
“Towards 3D analysis of interconnects: a fs-laser mass spectrometry approach”

(Dr. Kerstin Schierle-Arndt (BASF SE) and Alena Cedeño López at the award ceremony)

Congratulations to Alena!

Faculty Prize 2018

Carina Morstein was awarded with the Faculty Prize for the best master thesis in chemistry 2018.
Her thesis is entitled
“Porous Silver Foams and Silver Microparticles: Applications in the Electrochemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide”

Congratulations to Carina!